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National Drought Mitigation Center
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Water conservation strongly urged in Cape Coral, Florida
3/16/2017 12:00:00 AM

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Cape Coral, FL

Start Date: 1/6/2017 - End Date: 3/16/2017
In a Jan. 6 press release, Cape Coral residents were warned that excessive water use was straining the system and that conservation was needed. Seasonal compliance specialists were hired to monitor water use, but water consumption has continued to rise. On Tuesday, Jan. 10, when no outdoor water was permitted, residents drew 12.6 million gallons from the canal system, which is used for lawn watering. Cape Coral has 400 miles of freshwater canals, from which the public draws millions of gallons of water, but there is a schedule stating when watering may be done. On Wednesday, Jan. 4, 36.6 million gallons were drawn from the canal system. The following Wednesday, Jan. 11, water use from canals rose to 38 million gallons. Two fines and hundreds of warning citations have been issued to discourage excessive water use. Fort Myers News-Press (Fla.), Jan. 13, 2017