National Drought Mitigation Center

National Drought Mitigation Center
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Hay and corn crops affected in Pennington County, South Dakota
7/10/2017 5:42:52 PM

Pennington County, SD

Start Date: 2/1/2017 - End Date: 7/9/2017
7-9-17. My family farms and ranches 17 miles north of Wall, SD. The drought really started in 2016. Other than the 16" of dry snow we received over the Christmas holiday we didn't see any relief from the 2016 drought. We had several days in February with high temps in the 70s and 80s. As of July 1 our ranch has received 4.35" of rain since March 26. We had several frosts in late May that also limited our forage production. The first week of July has produced high temperatures of 90 to 105 degrees. The 7-day forecast does not show much for relief. We usually make 900-1200 large round bales a year and this year we made 177 bales. The insurance adjuster appraised our grass hay fields at 1/10 of a ton per acre. Our corn crop is about knee high and the leaves are curled every day. From Pennington County, South Dakota, on July 9, 2017