National Drought Mitigation Center

National Drought Mitigation Center
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Ponds drying, rye not growing in Beckham County, Oklahoma
12/28/2017 1:59:48 PM

Water Supply & Quality
Beckham County, OK

Start Date: 10/1/2017 - End Date: 12/28/2017
In Beckham County we are starting to struggle. The few ponds I drive by daily are down about 50%. All I can say on soil moisture is I tried to run my 5-foot tiller over a garden spot week before last and was stirring up dust about 8 inches deep. The other spot had not been worked yet since the spring and I couldn’t go more than about 2 inches deep and hit hard ground. Rye that was planted in late September has not grown a single inch since early November and parts of it look to be turning brown and dying. From Beckham County, Oklahoma, on December 26, 2017