National Drought Mitigation Center

National Drought Mitigation Center
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Pasture affected by drought in Howell County, Missouri
1/4/2018 12:00:00 AM

Howell County, MO

Start Date: 11/10/2017 - End Date: 1/2/2018
I had plenty of grass to graze my livestock at least until the middle of January before starting to feed hay. Due to the drought, the grass dried up prematurely and was not able to sustain the grazing pressure, so I had to start feeding hay in November, thereby costing me the amount paid for the additional hay fed and the cost of delivering the hay to the livestock. Two of my ponds have gone dry, so I have had to adjust the grazing patterns to reflect that, which has caused me additional labor. From Howell County, Missouri, on January 2, 2018