National Drought Mitigation Center

National Drought Mitigation Center
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Weeds and grasses not growing at the rate they usually do in Otero County, Colorado
3/13/2018 11:55:53 AM

Plants & Wildlife
Otero County, CO

Start Date: 3/12/2018 - End Date: 3/12/2018
Other county is now in the severely dry category. In February we had only appx. 1/2 an inch of snow. With the much needed moisture the winds came in and sucked all the moisture right out of the ground. Future forecasts are not looking good for any moisture. Have had to water trees, grass,shrubs and etc. during this extremely dry winter. When watering it's like the movie The Birds at times as all the birds are coming in to enjoy the water. I have chickens and ducks and at anytime you look out we are seeing big flocks of birds at the water. By this time previous years weeds and grass are up several inches. This year things have come up in late January and are still just sitting there not growing. CoCoRaHS Report from Station #La Junta 1.6 SW on 3/12/2018