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National Drought Mitigation Center
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Water being hauled for wild horses in Moffat County, Colorado
9/17/2018 12:00:00 AM

Plants & Wildlife
Water Supply & Quality
Moffat County, CO

Start Date: 7/10/2018 - End Date: 9/17/2018
Volunteers continued to transport water to wild horses in the Sandwash Basin area until the Boone Draw fire made it too dangerous. The mustangs still made the journey across the burned land to reach the Two Bar Spring, where they knew they could find water. The horses have already begun eating vegetation they normally eat during the winter, which will make survival more challenging during the coming winter months. The Denver Post (Colo.), Sept. 17, 2018 Volunteers with the horse advocacy group Wild Horse Warriors for Sand Wash Basin began hauling water for horses in early July. Initially volunteers brought 3,400 gallons of water every other day to the horses, but have recently needed to deliver that much water daily. The land ought to support 163 to 362 horses, but the actually number of horses was between 650 and 750, leading the Bureau of Land Management to consider an emergency roundup. Steamboat Today (Steamboat Springs, Colo.), Aug. 14, 2018 The Bureau of Land Management allowed volunteers to haul water to three stock tanks for wild horses and other animals in the Sand Wash Basin in Moffat County, where about 750 horses live. A dry winter and spring meant that ponds did not refill. Aspen Times & Aspen Times Weekly (Colo.), July 10, 2018