National Drought Mitigation Center

National Drought Mitigation Center
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Pasture affected in Howell County, Missouri
8/6/2018 5:32:29 PM

Plants & Wildlife
Howell County, MO

Start Date: 6/13/2018 - End Date: 8/6/2018
We never completely recovered from last year's drought because we didn’t get the rain in the fall that we would normally get. We started selling some cattle 6-13-18 because we could see we were going to start having a problem and needing to sell some more. We keep our cattle on the field (no mowing) and buy hay for our cattle. At this point we have been letting the cattle out of the field and into the yard and other areas that we don’t let them out on just so they have something to eat. We fed some hay just this past weekend and if it continues we will not make it through the winter with the hay we have bought and will need to buy more. The rain seems to always break up and go around our area or just goes away before getting here. It will rain in town but not here. From Howell County, Missouri, on August 6, 2018